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Last Revision May 2002


CJ and Dad at Ashley's promo night May

Halloween 2001 (following)

Halloween 2001 at school

Gosh he is soooo strong!

CJ's and Coach Dad! October 2001

CJ's on the ball!

CJ's in his NEW England Kit September 2001

CJ's first soccer game 9/29/01 - Team Tornados!

CJ and Taylor - August 2001

CJ's birthday (number flee, January 2001) with (demure looking) Ashley, and CJ in Sharon's arms

Big brother CJ and Taylor

CJ wearing one of his Soccer kits with Taylor

Yet another cuddle with Taylor

CJ with Ali (behind) at Six Flags, Atlanta

CJ helping mum in the garden...sure....

CJ and girlfriend Morgan at July 4th 2001 celebration

CJ at July 4th celebrations...well prepared for the defense of the country!

Here are a few new selected 2001 snaps of me posted February 11th 2001

That's Percy (from Thomas the Tank Engine) on my pants mom!

Big Granddad and me playing around!

Nanny Biscuit and me playing around too!

Me at Summer Camp

An action shot of me winning my group race at Summer Camp

Me after the race - waiting for the rest and the award!

Summer Camp Directors - Mom and Miss Michelle

Grandma and Grandpa Evans (in the dark)!

Grandpa and Grandma Evans taking me for a walk (that's Ashley's fast car behind me!)


Here are a few snaps of my 3rd Birthday Party (January 2001) with many of my friends! 

We sing "1 potato" and so on until 7, then we roll off!

Here we are trying to capture bubbles on our noses

Here is mummy leading me to the jump-off point....ooooo it's scary 

Here I am just as lift-off from this massive jumping thing!

Here I am in mid-air.... 

It's so much fun the parents raising and lowering this canopy 

Under the Canopy!

It's time for break - that means juice and cake!

This is my "Cake 2" - My very own Dinocake

This is my "Cake 1" - I shared this Thursday with Ashley (that's her bum), Danielle, and Sharon!

That's the end of my Birthday Snaps - hope you liked 'em!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Here are a few snaps Xmas 2000 at Home

Me at the table for Xmas day lunch:

Roast Turkey, Ham, Chipolata Sausages rolled in bacon, roast potatoes, carrots, peas, cauliflower, broccoli, roast parsnip, Brussel sprouts, Yorkshire pudding, gravy, some red jelly (whatever it's called)

Mummy trying on one of my presents - maybe she wants to be a fireman; or is that firegirl?

Dad and me arguing over who gets the big box  (I do!)

Me opening my "bestest" present - a Thomas Track 

Christine avoiding the camera - she makes a lovely chilly! 

Dad resting between presents 

Out front lawn - someone left some funny white stuff all over! 

The front of our house - December 2000 - Mummy peeking from behind a window! 

Gaz (taking the pic) and me in the snow, just before Xmas day 

In this spot we built a snow man 

My very own Xmas Tree!

This is me, just before Xmas 2000 

Hope you enjoyed my Xmas Snaps! 

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Halloween 2000 with Danielle, mom and Ashley

Halloween 2000 with Danielle, mom and Ashley

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

1999 and before....

My last official pose - Summer 1999

"Man, I am so cool"

20 months

"Peel me a grape"

20 months

chris16.jpg - 12.8 K

Dennis Healey this isn't!

chris16.jpg - 12.8 K

I think I swallowed a fly

chris16.jpg - 12.8 K

Did someone say "beer"?

chris16.jpg - 12.8 K

In my opinion, interest rates will change....

chris16.jpg - 12.8 K

That tickles....be careful

chris16.jpg - 12.8 K

Some kind of straight-jacket for outings!

chris15.jpg - 12.8 K

Another interesting shot - my bottom feels kind of warm....

chris14.jpg - 12.8 K

Grandma Evans and me in a compromising position

chris13.jpg - 12.8 K

Another pose in my designer hat

chris12.jpg - 12.8 K

Ah! Here you catch my in disguise - just before my attempted escape

chris11.jpg - 12.8 K

Not sure where my dinner is - have you seen it?

chris10.jpg - 12.8 K

Here I am, caught on camera, after a hard day

chris9.jpg - 12.8 K

Being lazy after lunch!

chris8.jpg - 12.8 K

One of my favorite dress codes - although I am not sure about my hat!

chris1.jpg - 12.8 K

Here I am: 8 Lbs 3 oz; 21 Inches long; 11.08pm January 11th 1998: Christopher John Henry is my name.

chris2.jpg - 12.8 K

Me and my Mum (Mom for those of you from the US) the morning after I was born. Do you like my hair do?

chris3.jpg - 12.8 K

Here I am 20 minutes old with the team that helped my birth: Nurse Cindi and Nurse Midwife Miriam Caddell. Miriam is the one holding me. I did like her nail polish - it went with my complexion. (Only joking - she did not wear any and she was a great help - Thanks Miriam and all the team at Northside Hospital.)

chris04.jpg - 12.8 K

Another one of me only 15 minutes after I was born - checking my weight. You can't be too careful these days.....By the way - you can see I am a guy - in case you didn't hear! Not bad for 21 inches...

chris05.jpg - 12.8 K

Here I am again the following day - about 6 hours old. Do you like the profile? I think it's my best.

chris06.jpg - 12.8 K

One for mum/mom's collection: Mum/mom holding me 12 minutes after being born. I am not sure what she was drinking at the time, but I guess it was strong.

chris07.jpg - 12.8 K

Here is one for the dads in the audience. Here is my very own father too tired, I do not know why, to hold me up for the camera - but I still let mum/mom take it.

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