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Spring and Summer 2006


The newest member of the White family - Baxter (as in C C Baxter - from what movie was that character name taken????)

"I'm only about 8 weeks old..."

"And I don't care who's looking - I'm sleeping!"

"Still sleeping"

"I didn't do it - what makes you think I would?


Taylor's "Strong Man" show at School - Summer 2006

Check out my muscles...

Look at ME!

This is soooo heavy!

A picture of Taylor...and some elephant!

Bet you can't name that watering hole? 

Max has a penchant for older women!

The studios one among us - CJ himself

Taylor receives his just rewards for a hard fought Spring Soccer season from Mommy

The following are a sample from the July 4th vacation at the beach...

Who's rear does this belong to?

Mom and Max enjoying a little fun

"What did you say, again?"

"Don't call me bruiser!"

"I'm trying to hide"

Taylor on the run - to an ice cream I am sure!

Does he remind you of a Tony Curtis movie?

Sure he does...

Max - wondering about all that sand...

"We don't talk any more"

The Brothers Grim!

I'm sure I spotted some money here somewhere...


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All rights reserved
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