flag_usa.gif - 12.8 KDanger Zone Fall 1999 Roster

Last Revision November 7th, 1999

Goal Keeper: Meredith Pate

Sweeper: Julia Plonowski, or Ali Sullivan

Defense: (left to right) Jessica Murphy, Jessie Frizzell, Whitney Hostetter

Stopper: Laura Hindman, or Sofia Vickery

Midfield: (left to right) Danielle Donnelly, Ashley Arnold, Erin Clarke, Rebecca Mullen

Forwards: (left to right) Laura "Fred" Scherer ('Keeper too!), Kristin Bowen

Wingers: (left to right) Ali Sullivan, Sallie Willis,

Head Coach: Nicky White

Assistant Coach: Mike Plonowski

Team Mom: Ruth Sullivan

Here is the Spring 1999 Team Photo


In Alphabetical Order.....(and no one takes any responsibility for what is written on this page!!!!)

ashley.gif (138209 bytes)

Ashley Arnold

Specialty - Left or right; back; midfield (persistent challenger)

Hobbies - Soccer, cheerleading, hanging out, sleeping, talking on the phone

Likes - Boys, soccer, friends, boys, sleeping, music, boys, Danger Zone, Christopher, boys

Dislikes - Home work, cleaning up my room,

Life Time Goals - Professional Soccer Player, layer, doctor (in other words, I just want lots of money!)

Erin Clarke

kristin.GIF (170470 bytes)

Kristin Bowen

Specialty - Right; midfield or forward (fast, nimble, strong foot, hard to stop)

Hobbies - Soccer, computer, being with my friends, cheerleading

Likes - Friends, TV, music, jumping on a trampoline, swimming, roller coasters, jet skiing, going real fast, shopping, skiing

Dislikes - My old German teacher, soap opera "Days of our Lives"

Life Time Goals - is to be something that I don't already know

danielle.GIF (104927 bytes)

Danielle Donnelly

Specialty - Right or center; midfield mainly, wing and forward (strong foot, hard to beat in a tackle)

Hobbies - Soccer

Likes - Eating, Soccer, Movies/TV, Friends, Shopping

Dislikes - School, some teachers, work shores, brother at times

Life Time Goals - I don't have the slightest idea at this time!

jessie.GIF (124690 bytes)

Jessie Frizzell

Specialty - Center; midfield or forward (weaving, driving, always attacking - even in defense)

Hobbies - Soccer, Roller blading, Boxing, laughing

Likes - Friends, soccer, food, boys, Adidas, Movies/TV

Dislikes - Nike, Reebok, drugs, Alcohol, boring people

Life Time Goals - Go to UGA and be a lawyer!

laura.GIF (91539 bytes)

Laura Hindman

Specialty - Left, right or center; defense, stopper, midfield (Can take on several players at once and win)

Hobbies - Soccer, music, being with my friends, eating, dirt biking

Likes - Rain, Danger Zone, my friends, comfortable jeans, soccer

Dislikes - Homework, pickles, marshmallows, sunburn, stupid sitcoms, dumb questions

Life Time Goals - Physical therapy, have kids, but it's not all that important to know it all right now

whitney.GIF (95237 bytes)

Whitney Hostetter

Specialty - Right or center; midfield or forward (tough to beat in a tackle; flexibility across the field)

Hobbies - Soccer, church, swimming, band playing

Likes - Soccer, shopping, boys, country, trucks (F-150), skiing, scrap books, weight rooms, movies, kareoke

Dislikes - 7th grade, German teacher, science teacher, Asthma, bug bikes, cleaning, stupid questions

Life Time Goals - A lawyer and a writer, wig designer, kidney foundation telephone operator, coco butter sales person, cross dresser agent, shoelace maker

rebecca.GIF (98379 bytes)

Rebecca Mullen

Specialty - Left or center; wing, forward (supremely fast, accurate shot, strong foot)

Hobbies - Soccer, basketball, shopping

Likes - Mall, being with friends, food, animals

Dislikes - School, homework, bossy people

Life Time Goals - Unknown

jessica.GIF (95173 bytes)

Jessica Murphy

Specialty - Right Back, midfield (possible the hardest working on the team)

Hobbies - Soccer, all music, chasing cars, hanging with friends - some of them

Likes - Rolling in the mud, people who yell at the TV, Danger Zone, the mall

Dislikes - Pickles, school

Life Time Goals - I have no earthly idea!

Meredith Pate

Specialty - Goal Keeper (Tough 'Keeper to beat, always lines with well with the shot, good in the air as well as on the ground)

julia.GIF (83566 bytes)

Julia Plonowski

Specialty - Sweeper; stopper; center (Could be a great forward if only she wasn't the best defender)

Hobbies - Soccer, guitar, acting, reading

Likes - food, music, smiles and friends

Dislikes - Mean people, science, white beans

Life Time Goals - An actress or a doctor (pediatrics in a hospital)

Laura "Fred" Scherer

Specialty - Left, right or center; midfield, forward, goal keeper (One of the strongest, fastest most persistent)

Hobbies - Soccer, Basketball, Cheerleading

Likes - Soccer, Boys, Movies/TV, Friends

Dislikes - Ms. Evett, sister at times, injuries

Life Time Goals - I have not thought that far ahead!

ali.GIF (128305 bytes)

Ali Sullivan

Specialty - Left or center; forward, wing or midfield (awesome speed on wing)

Hobbies - Soccer, going to the mall, going to the movies with friends, talking on the phone, watching the Braves

Likes - Adidas, boys, dogs, music, TV

Dislikes - Cats, my room, home room

Life Time Goals - A vet or a person who takes care of dogs

Sofia Vickery 


sally.GIF (97722 bytes)

Sallie Willis

Specialty - Right or center; Wing, forward or midfield (the fastest on the pitch, any day, strong cross and shot)

Hobbies - Soccer, hanging out with my friends, eating

Likes - Soccer, friends, when babies sneeze

Dislikes - Home work, some people, boys (Just Kidding)

Life Time Goals - Be a rich and famous movie star or a teacher

mike.GIF (141150 bytes)

Mike Plonowski

Specialty - Assistant Coach (too nice to the girls!!!)

Likes -

Dislikes -

Life Time Goals -

nicky.GIF (67436 bytes)

Nicky White

Specialty - Head Coach (too nice to Mike!!!)

Likes - Hot Tea

Dislikes - Cold Tea

Life Time Goals - Happiness

Ruth Sullivan 

Specialty - Team Mom

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