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Home of "Taylor Andrew Peter"

Last Revision May 2003 (with "both brothers" also)

Easter 2003 The Boys at JC Penney!

Easter 2003 Taylor "the bruiser" at JC Penney!

New pictures of CJ, Taylor, and some friends that visited us Halloween 2002

Cousin Jane (and Dawn) brought to the US some Red Cross supplies

Boys will be boys!

Can you recognize these two rat-bags

Two rat-bags just hanging out

Cousin Jane and Dawn

Jane kickin' it

Taylor negotiating breakfast

Eyore, or more?

 The Following are from June 2001

Taylor (now 6.5 months) and CJ

Taylor and CJ bug-hunting

Taylor and CJ sharing a joke

CJ showing Taylor the ropes....

Taylor getting used to goo (or what we call food for little ones)

Taylor again...several seconds later...looking glum

Taylor showing his pride and joy

Taylor having an early shower

Father like son

Putting a foot (or ones hand) in ones mouth!

 The Following are from May 2001 Christening

The two families

(one of) my God Mothers, Jane

Where Taylor was Christened, and mom and dad were married...

New Pictures of me posted February 11th 2001


February 11th - Sorry folks I am into "bello" as my big brother would say 

Julia and her mom Louise telling a joke I seem to have missed 

Grandpa Evens and my dad's friend, Uncle Bill - beer and baby in hand 

My favourite pic of Grandpa Evans with his favourite Grandson

Uncle Doug and Allyson fighting over who gets my love

Me catching 40 winks - dad catching a pic

My first sponge bath - thanks dad 

More of me having my first bath 

Finally, he dries me!

Ashley sneaking in with a cuddle when I wasn't looking 

My Friend, Allyson, came to see me again!

New Pictures of me February 1st 2001

Day 4 of my life - my friend Allyson and Big Brov. C. J.

Day 3 of my life - Mommy holding me as I sleep....at home...on her Birthday

Day 3 of my life - Big Brother C.J. giving me a cuddle at home...

Day 3 of my life - My mommy's Birthday; that's my friend Sharon you can see

Day 3 of my life - Dad giving me a hug at the hospital before we go home 

Day 2 of my life - Just who is the star of this show? 

Day 2 of my life - Big Brother C.J. giving me a loving hug 

Day 2 of my life - Me and mommy in a clinch - maybe I am hungry... 


Day 2 of my life - Mommy resting on my bed! 

Day 2 of my life - Resting in my mommy's hospital room 

Day 1 of my life - With Julia my mom's midwife

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Press Release Announcing my Arrival January 30th 2001

Here are the first pictures of me when I am less then one day old!

Here I am asleep, later that day...my first real snooze... 

Here I am after being weighed 

Here I am but 10 minutes old 

Here is my mommy just before she let me out

Copyright 2001-2002 Andrew G. White
All rights reserved
E-mail: andre1@delboy.com

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