Most promising games on the horizon or those I still want to review/play in some semblance of order:

The real sexy stuff first:

  1. Spore; EA; Maxis; ETA 2007; Evolution gets a make over by a master?
  2. War-Front - Turning Point; Digital Reality; WWII with a sci-twist; movies look great; ETA Fall 2006
  3. Pacific Storm
  4. Supreme Commander (Gas Powered Games) ETA Q1 2007
  5. Rome Total War: Alexander, EA, ETA Summer 2006
  6. Command and Conquer 3: Tiberian Wars, EA, ETA 2007
  7. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, id Software, ETA October 2006
  8. Battlefield 2142, EA - Battlefield 2 goes futuristic
  9. Maelstrom; Digital Reality; same engine as Perimeter; nice game concept but graphics in demo looking pretty light even on high end machine
  10. Paraworld; SEK; ETA Sept; Dinocrisis meats real RTS?
  11. Alliance - Future Combat; Gameyus Interactive; another C&C clone; more Act of War?
  12. Faces of War Ubisoft
  13. Crisis (Far Cry 2); Crytek; ETA Spring 2007
  14. Take Command, Paradox Interactive
  15. The Guild 2; JoWood; will it be that much better than its innovative original; not that on JoWood home page the link is via an un-translated (German) graphic - not a good sign
  16. Medieval 2: Total War: British gaming firm goes back to britches with latest game engine; ETA Nov 2006
  17. Joint Task Force (now demo available Aug 2006)
  18. HellGate London, TimeGate Studios, ETA October 2006
  19. Overlord, Codemasters, Triumph Studios; (cross between Black and White and Diggles?) ETA Summer 2007

The less sexy but interesting:

  1. Navy Field
  2. Perimeter: Emperor's Testament, Codemasters
  3. Middle Earth Online
  4. Empire in Arms the Napoleonic Wars of 1805 - 1815
  5. Bioshock Take-Two, Irrational Games
  6. Space Rangers 2, 1c Company (published, not yet reviewed)
  7. Heart of Empire, Paradox Interactive
  8. Battlefields! Combined Arms Land Operations in World War II  
  9. Imperial Galactica III: Genesis (game cancelled!)
  10. Raider Operations, HSR
  11. Road to Moscow, Interactive Magic
  12. Star Chamber - Harbinger Sage Matrix Games
  13. Panzer Command: Operation Winter Storm Matrix Games
  14. Nuclear Dawn: Half Life 2 new gen; looks like we could have a new gen
  15. Age of Empire III: The Warchiefs; looks like more of the same?
  16. Europa Universalis III; Paradox; ETA 2007; can it get more complex even with a new 3D engine?
  17. Sid Meier's Railroad; Firaxis; the originator goes back to his and our roots
  18. Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption; ETA Fall 200
  19. Battlegrounds: American Civil War
  20. Company of Heroes, Relic
  21. Glory of the Roman Empire, cdv
  22. Star Trek: Legacy (finally a real RTS in the ST universe?)
  23. CivCity: Rome, Fireaxis
Just released - under review:
  1. Prey - on Doom III engine; innovations in game play (gravity, alternative reality) pretty good game play; dont play too late at night...
  2. TitanQuest - Dialblo III - excellent - leader in its class
  3. Rise and Fall - Civilizations at War - crap, dont bother; nice innovation with Hero mode but actual "strategy" game is not that big of a strategy at all; same basic harvest and build model
  4. SpellForece 2 (released June 2006 - under review)
  5. Star Wars Empire at War (Released Feb 2006 - under review)
  6. Rise of Nations (II) Rise of Legends (Released May 2006 - under review)

Screen shot from now defunct "Road to Moscow"; the promise of such fluid (and hence realistic) involvement with the game was staggering - and probably what prevented anything other than a real large budget to make real

Forever interesting MMO


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