Comments by David Sullivan  - thanks David!

Game 1

TYSA - 4 Tophat - 0
Maximum points (10) ! 
Goals - Ali (2),  Beth (1), Tiffany (1)
We took immediate control of the game.  I think the first 20 minutes were played on the opposing team's end of the pitch, with no viable offensive threat at all. 
Ali's first goal came as she took on the opposing goalie one-on-one and put it in the far corner on the ground.  Next, Beth took a nonchalant chip shot from the right side -- weird angle -- none of us knew for sure whether it went in the goal or not, including our players.  Two-nil at half time.
In the second half, Tiffany swerved one in directly from a corner kick -- high, far post,  no one touched it!
Lastly, from the penalty mark and with her back to the goal, Ali took a perfect feed from Lauren W, turned and shot (low to the left of the goalie) -- one of those practice drills you do a hundred times but rarely see in a match.  Bingo! TYSA 4, TH 0.
Thanks to Laura/Lisa's older sister, Dana, who is coaching a RYSA U13 team was there and was a great help with game coaching.  She has just graduated from Georgia Southern where she played soccer.
David Sullivan

Game 2

Second match was better than the first!
TYSA: 5 - EC YMCA: 1
Goals: Kristin - 1, Sallie - 1, Ali - 3
Our first goal kind of set the tone for the match, as it came about 3 minutes into the game.  Ali took the ball wide left and crossed to the far post where Sallie tried to settle it and shoot.  It glanced off Sallie's ankle as a perfect pass to Kristin, who promptly tapped it low and to the left past the goalie.
Sallie and Ali both scored on break-aways bringing the score to three-nil at the half.  Our opponents had some speed up front but they couldn't seem to find a way to get the ball up to their strikers.  On the few occasions where they did, our defense managed to fend them off.
EC YMCA scored three minutes into the the second half, and I began to wonder if we'd simply gotten them made during the first half.  Their goal was well played, but it turned out to be the only defensive breakdown we had all afternoon -- a speedy striker managed to get behind Jessica with the ball and she just couldn't catch her.  Shelly got a hand on the shot, but couldn't control it and it rolled past her into the net.
Then Ali went back to work.  She got loose on another break-away, playing 1 v 1 with the goalie.  The goalie's feet seemed to be nailed to the ground, as she simply waited for the shot and made no effort to move out and cut down the angle.  Ali put a hard, on-the-ground shot past her into the far corner.
Later, with everyone on both teams tired and ready to call it a day, Ali chased down a loose ball rolling toward the far left corner on the opponent's end of the field.  Almost from the touchline, she lofted what I thought at first was a cross, but turned out to be her third goal.  The goalie could only wave to it as it passed by her and entered the far side of the net just under the cross bar.
The tournament web site has the scores.  We are currently in first place in our group, with 19 points.  Second place, Metro White, has 15 points and is our opponent tomorrow morning.  This afternoon they tied the team we shutout this morning so, logically, at least, we should be playing in the championship match tomorrow evening.

Game 3

 TYSA 2, Metro White 0!  Sallie recorded both goals.
The girls were a little sluggish this morning, but fortunately, so were our opponents.  The first ten minutes were a mish-mash of bad soccer -- missed touches, no communication, and a lot of throw-ins for both sides.  We finally woke up and settled down, and took control of the match.  Midway through the first half Sallie received a cross from Laura P and promptly put it in the net.  The rest of the half was pretty evenly played, with our defense being tested more that yesterday.  Metro had a couple of speedy strikers that put a scare into us a couple of times, but Lauren, Stephanie, Myra and Jesse K held them off.  I moved Jesse K to Stopper and Lauren out to RFB to mark the striker making the runs.  Both girls held their positions well and shut down the threats.
Ali pulled up with a sore thigh muscle that seemed to tighten up and Kristin's stomach was still battling a cold, so neither played as much today.  No worry! Sallie came through and scored once more in the second half on a break-away.  By this time, both squads were wearing down, although we managed to control the match and run the clock.
We play this evening at 6:30 for the "B" Division Championship.  Most likely, our opponent will be the Tophat Navy team.  They were ahead of Group A with 20 points at the close of yesterday's games.


TYSA 1 Tophat Navy 0

Goal - Beth

We played a much tougher team tonight for the championship -- Tophat Navy.  They were older and more experienced than the Tophat White team we played yesterday.  Fifteen minutes into the first half Beth put the ball into the net for the only goal of the match.  After that it was simply a well-fought on both sides of the ball and we managed to hold on for the win. Not nearly as active offensively as our earlier games, but much more satisfying at the end.

We will play this team again during our season and I reminded the girls of this.



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