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Since January 2001 I have been working at Gartner, Inc. (NASDAQ: IT), the largest and most respected IT research firm.  You can see what kind of research I publish by going here.  And I now have a blog where I muse about Master Data Management, and other things.

The following are resources pre Gartner.

Annual Council of Logistics Management conference (Fall 2001) proceedings: Peer-to-Peer based CPFR Case Study, posted May 2002

Annual Council of Logistics Management conference (Fall 2001) proceedings: n-Tier CPFR, posted May 2002

  January 2002: Defining where Business-to-Business and Peer-to-Peer Computing meet.  My new Book (a grandiose plan for sure) is here!  Well, parts are.  I will post the chapters here with updates as I add to them.  Please send feedback to me as that is the way we all learn most.  These chapters are zipped up PowerPoint, with Notes.  Below this section is the paper I wrote back in January 2001 that represents the formative concepts at that time. Where I list my other papers and articles, you can see the original PowerPoint I published in March 2001.  This new "book" is an updated and expanded version.  Enjoy!

         Chapter 2 Draft - What is all this about Napster anyway?

         Chapter 3 Draft - Napster and Beyond, and the Supply Chain

         Chapter 4 Draft - Business Processes re-defined by P2P

         Chapter 5 Draft - P2P and Registry Services

         Chapter 6 Draft - Companies in this Space

      Convergence of P2P and B2B: New Economy Business Models  Peer-to-Peer computing has revolutionized the way files are shared between consumers - primarily for the music industry.  P2P is yet to strike in the B2B space, but it is coming.  Check out these interesting sites for some background reading.  And see here my Brief for December 2000 that highlights the different business models that exist in most B2B formats.   If you wanted to read up on what I said about "the convergence of P2P and B2B back in January 2001, read the White Paper here!

See some of my other papers and articles here.  They include:

         Return on Relationship versus ROI

         Global Commerce Initiative (GCI) VICS CPFR Committee n-Tier Report Fall 2001

         The Dating Game: Sex, Liquidity, and the New Economy

         The Rise and Fall of the Trading Exchange

         The End of E.R.P. as we know it


My Book Reviews

My last read:

         Why people buy things they don't need, by Pamela Danziger. Interesting commentary and analysis of the discretionary nature of consumer purchases.  Most readers will "see themselves" in this book; mostly straight forward analysis of the "why" people by rather than the "what" or "where".  Good breakdown by product category in the latter half; and some good advise for brand managers and marketers.

Other books in my library including my favorite P2P books! 

My Favorite Links

An early experiment in social networking.  I used Mind Manager to map my social network from my past school and employment.  It is still a "work in process" but it is interesting, nonetheless.

Also, here is my "favorite links" that I maintain on my work desktop.  Only the URL's work - the links to documents (of course) only work on my desktop :)

This link (here) refers to many web sites I used to track, pre Gartner days, when very interested in B2B and Peer 2 Peer computer.

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Where is Delboy Published - all pre Gartner days...

A whole bunch of papers.  URL's being updated...

The Rise and Fall of the Trading Exchange, or Shhhh Dont Tell My Competitor!


End of ERP as we Know It!


Turning true collaboration into business value

Return on Relationship versus ROI: The Relationship Life Cycle

Convergence of P2P and B2B


Return on Relationship versus ROI: The Relationship Life Cycle

The Value Equation: Value Chain Management, Collaboration, and the Internet


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