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Bye Bye Queenie (Bugs to her friends)...March 23, 1998: After 19 years, old age and some weak kidneys took you from us. Sorry to see you go old girl. Best wishes to Mum and Dad. Say "hello" to Puss Cat Willum. "Wait awhile, for we shall meet again".
Hope mum and dad don't mind but here are the last recorded correspondents from Queenie: March 1996, June 1996, and July 1997

March 22nd 1998 "The danger is not always violence and force; them we have withstood before and can again. The peril can also be indifference and humbug, which might squander the accumulated wealth of tradition and devalue our sacred symbolism to achieve some cheap compromise or some evanescent purpose." Reprint of speech given on April 21st,1961, by the late Enoch Powell, to a dinner of the Royal Society of St George in London. In this speech 37 years ago, Enoch Powell warned of the dangers facing the country and the Crown - a warning that seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

March 20th 1998 "When the managers if Daimler-Benz gathered in July 1942 with officers f the SS and German government officials in Krakow, the centre of Nazi-occupied Poland, there was only one item in the agenda: the deployment of Jewish slave labour at the company's recently acquired engine parts factory in nearby Rzeszow. Jewish slave workers were used at Daimler-Benz's factory because the company managers chose so. The choice marked the c final step in a gradual downward spiral of a complicity in the acts of a regime of racial barbarism." Financial Times Weekend March 7/8 1998.

March 15th 1998 The communists and Revisionist Histories (in the case of the Holocaust) rewrote history for political reasons and so do these twisters of reality to suit the prejudice of the great 'unbrained' - Don't get sucked in!! Read this reprint of Oliver Pritchett column "Another View" Daily Telegraph 10/3/98. Japan's hope for economic growth fades as her Economic Planning Agency admitted the country's economy was unlikely to meet its growth target of 0.1 per cent in the financial year ending this month (March). Its hard for most westerners to recognize the price we might all pay should Japan Inc, crash…..

March 10th 1998 Farm Minister Jack Cunningham is to be investigated after spending 2.3 million pounds sterling on new offices branded "a palace". The bill includes an antique desk for 10,409 pounds.  A little excessive one would think!
A crazed man - avoid him at all costs!

March 5th 1998 US Funds build stakes in UK manufactures....US investments funds are building large stakes in UK manufactures. In the past year US holdings in ICI have risen from 12 per cent to 35 per cent. In the chemicals sector sector alone, US funds have invested more than $4.17bn during the past year over and above the shift in ownership caused by the takeover of Mercury Asset Management by Merill Lynch, the US bank. BOC has reported a rise in US ownership from 3 per cent to 18 per cent; Courtaulds, the UKs' third largest chemicals company, has seen US holdings more than double to over 20 per cent. Manufacturers say the lower ratings of UK companies and distortions to their profits are behind the surge in buying from the US, which has seen billions of pounds pour into the London stock market. Goods news for British Business.

February 24th 1998 Health Secretary Frank Dobson has accepted "some" responsibility for the dramatically lengthening hospital waiting lists since Labour came to power nearly 10 months ago.  As he acknowledged, the figures are a huge embarrassment to a party that made cutting waiting lists a major election pledge. Since May, lists have risen by 100,000 which, by some cruel irony, is exactly the figure by which Mr Blair and his colleagues promised they would be cut. Odd that.

What is a promise from Tony Blair worth? In late 1996, Harriot Tillson wrote to Mr Blair, then Leader of the Opposition. She was worried about her daughters, who are being educated at private schools under the Assisted Places Scheme.  She could not possibly pay for this herself. For her, as it was for many thousands of others, the scheme was a godsend.  It gave her children the equality of opportunity Labour is so keen on and ensured that their talents were not wasted or lost in a substandard local authority school. As a Labour supported and voter, she wanted to be sure that her party's plan to abolish the scheme would not hurt her daughters. Harriet received a reassuring reply from Mr Blair's office. Downing Street confirms it is authentic.

"We do not wish to disrupt the education of individual pupils," it says.  "Any children already on the scheme will continue to receive support until the end of their education." Harriet was reassured by the letter and duly voted Labour on May 1.  Then she found that her younger child will in fact lose her place at 11, rather then be allowed to continue till 18. Harriet got in touch with her MP, Ben Bradshaw (Lab, Exeter).  Here is a quotation from Mr Bradshaw's letter to Education Secretary David Blunkett, which he copied to Mr Blair. Note that this is a Labour MP, not me, saying this: "I am in a very difficult position because my constituent was assured by the Prime Minister when he wrote to her...to assure her that 'any children on the scheme will continue to receive support until the end of their education'.  "However, as you know, we are only guaranteeing places until the age at which children would normally change schools - either 11 or 13. This is clearly not the same as the original promise given to my constituent.  She, understandably, feels that she was misled before the election on this policy."

Harriet has now left the Labour Party. She did not seek to publicize her case, which was found out about by accident. Downing Street and the Education Department was asked to comment. Downing Street first reacted by putting the phone down.   After a lengthy wait, both produced responses so pitiful that they were not worth printing. This case shows the callousness and simple 'politics' that Labour employed to get elected.  Promise all to all and actually do what you want when you get there!

February 15th 1998 Easier divorce laws are on their way - yet again. Labour ministers said that Tory reforms would be scrapped.  They were designed to force couples to attempt more reconciliation - but labour ministers said it was doomed to fail since it would cost 40 million pounds to put in action. Labour continues its subliminal drive to undermine the cornerstone of society. The Trotsky's and Leninists will all be happy about this one. In European news: Even if the boom times are not quite back, Euro bosses are making sure we are heading for the bloom times.  As if we can ignore the homeless and starving, the EU is to spend 36 million pounds to encourage us (Europeans) to buy more fresh cut flowers. This is simply absurd - but there is nothing that can be done to prevent it because of the way the powers have been set up. This is just what will happen with New Labour..in time.....

cj001.jpg (58073 bytes)

January 11th 1998 Here I am 20 minutes old with the team that helped my birth: Nurse Cindi and Nurse Midwife Miriam Caddell. Miriam is the one holding me. I did like her nail polish - it went with my complexion. (Only joking - she did not wear any and she was a great help - Thanks Miriam and all the team at Northside Hospital.) then (March 16th 1998) I am 11Lb 14Oz and 24 inches long after 10 weeks then (June 10th) I am 14lb 6oz and 25.5 inches long after 5 months! See here his own Gallery! last updated May 25th.

January 10th 1998 At 11.08pm January 11th 1998 the following press release was made (Thanks to Susan). Daily Telegraph news about the British exclusion from the "Euro" discussions.....
Creature and Boggy - in their natural habitat....

January 10th 1998 Remember Denis Compton? A real cricketer - one of the last true Gentleman who died late last year.

And in other news this week....

If any of you remember the movie "Back to the Future II" you will recall that Bif goes to the future and steals a Sports Almanac, where in turn he goes back to the past to give it to young Bif. As we all know Young Bif was able to become very wealthy by betting on games where he already knew the final score. In an obscure line you hear young Bif say "Florida is going to win the World Series in 1997, yeah right" This movie came out in 1987, ten years before the Marlins did actually win the world series. And what's really weird is that Florida didn't even have a baseball team in 1987. Is this true? try watching the movie again and let me know!

January 1st 1998 Labour Tax punishes Savers: Those who have saved under the Conservative goals of self sufficiency will now be taxed retroactively to fill the coffers of the 2-faced Labour Government. The "we won't tax" Government is struggling to find areas where that can rake in funds under a different label. Also - the real funny thing about this story is who announced it. The Paymaster General, Geoffrey Robinson, who is a multi-millionaire himself who is himself at the center of controversy over the disclosures that he is the beneficiary of a substantial offshore trust in Guernsey.

Further, John 'Rotwiler' Prestcott, the Deputy Prime Minister, acknowledges the impending record rise in council tax bills across the country after the scrapping of the Conservative Capping program that was intended to reduce the irresponsible spending of Liberal and Labour local councils. Without the caps in place, councils can now approve all kinds of silly expenditures such as Gay Rights movements and Lesbian School Education Programs. Of course, these will not be seen for several months and years. The increase will first be linked to more hospital beds and so on. But that is how it started before. Rather than efficiency drives it is easier for local councils who have no real 'bosses' to spend more and hence tax more. What proof have we that things will be any different now….The bottom line: The Labour Government is replacing successful savings programs (TESSA and PEP) with the new lower limited ISA.

Further Tax News: Tony Blair faces the greatest test of his authority so far with the prospect of 40 Labour MP's rebelling against cuts in lone parent benefits. How can this be? Only 4 months ago our Tony was gaining votes for supporting the lone parent society because it was the "thing" to do. Now, by the back door, he is reducing his support…..Interesting move Tony. Be careful - if anyone else notices this, you may get caught.

Further Tax News: The Government was accused of hypocrisy after it announced plans to put value added tax on incontinence pads and other medical products despite criticising an attempt to do so by the Conservatives. This is so typical of the Labour Government. Realizing they face the same real world issues the Conservative's did when in power, now they are doing the same things proposed by their mortal enemy. Only thing is, they will get away with it. Here is a summary of the hypocrisy in this Government:

   Ministers having affairs and leaving office (Labour is OK as they admit before the press leaks it)
   Tax goods and services once promised not to tax (Labour is OK because their numbers are real)
   Ministers children go to Private School (Labour is OK because…I can't remember this one)

So the Welsh Farmers were seen holding a poster saying "New Labour, Old Problems" recently. And this because the Government published a policy that directly effects the farmer without consulting any of the farming organizations. The move to ban selling beef on the bone in stores was announced without any warning. Farmers were not happy with the blow on prime sales. It might actually be a good move for the public with Mad Cow disease etc., but the way it was handled shows the experience with which this Government brings to bear on such delicate matters.

December 29th 1997 And a Merry Christmas to you too. Here is a summary of news around the world to keep you warm as you tuck into your turkey.

December 20th 1997 Some poetry to get you into the festive spirit? I think not. But fun all the same. And if you like history, this is a clipping from the Wall Street Journal about a new company and it's official birth. And if you think the English game of football (soccer to you and me) is so good for the moral spine, check out these excerpts from 'The yob game' by A.N.Wilson in The Daily Telegraph from July 8th 1997.

337 years of tradition come to a close at the hands of Our Leader Tony Blair: The Queen said farewell to Britannia on December 11th 1997 - Blair moves ever close to a democratic (?) republic with another successful attack on the Monarchy while still gaining votes from the ignorant public. Before he was leader he was openly hostile to the establishment and the Monarchy (close the House of Lords; tax the Royals etc.), now he eats away from within while taking in votes!

November 30th 1997 Our Leader, Tony Blair - under siege from 120 of is own backbenchers. After just 6 months, the closet lefties begin their move. 120 backbenchers signed a private letter to the Chancellor requesting the delay (elimination?) of the lone parent benefit reduction plan announced by the previous government. Firstly, the lefties want to keep benefits high as it pleases all the voters; secondly this undermines our culture as the dependency state continues to grow - "why should I try to seek work or a respectable life when the state always looks after me?" (see story below). Also, two Labour-dominated Commons committees rejected the Government's arguments for exempting motor racing from the tobacco sports sponsorship ban. I mean come on! Is this sleaze or what. Only three weeks ago is was disclosed that Bernie Ecclestone, the grandfather of Formula 1, donated 1 million pounds to the Labour election fund 8 months ago. Even then, Labour was attacking the Tory government for not disclosing it's source of fund despite the state of their own 'secret sleaze'. Today, the Government so stupidly tries to "make good" on the donation by seeking to lift the ban! Why can't the British people take this "holier then though" Leader, Tony Blair, for what he is really worth: a second rate con man in sheeps clothing, whose shine has worn off.

November 20th 1997 So you think it's a joke? Our Leader, Tony Blair, is secretly an anti-monarchist despite his appearances! And to show you how obvious this point is, read this Telegraph item.

"The undermining of our traditional education system is now a very grave danger. It threatens the collective memory of our society from which its habits and even its identity flow. A powerful, radical left-wing clerisy is bent on destroying every past generation would have understood to be the central purpose of education." Here is a report from Margaret Thatchers address at the recent International Conservative Congress.

Try this great graphic of Internet Explorer and the Borg getting together!

November 11th 1997 Billions of Pounds were wiped of the stock market this last week - and not due to the minor meltdown in Eastern stocks. This was thanks to the farcical breakdown between the spin doctors of Number 11 Downing Street: the Chancellor. However, Our Leader has so cleverly ensured his government will not force themselves to contemplate self-destruction. He has publicly said that the scrapping of the Pound will be effected by referendum and not by political will. This ensures that Labour will never be tested as the Conservatives so painfully was the Conservative government. This means Labour can side-step the issue of making up their minds. They will not split apart because they do not have to answer this important question. When asked if they believe in the Pound or the Single Currency, the Labour Party will say "the People will speak themselves". This plan is so clever because Labour in fact look and sound pro-Europe, even though the people may elect not to scrap their own currency. How is it that a people can vote one way and yet elect a party who actually stands for nothing other then anything that ensures they stay elected?

And the footnote to this clever plan is that the Conservatives are continuing to tear themselves apart. This is because the Tories are so used to standing up and making decisions, that the party would not consider referendums on every difficult issue. Why else did Labour use them for the recent devolution bills?

Jack Straw, so called Home Secretary, has lifted the ban on terrorist suspects from entering Britain. He also will soon ban internment without trial for suspected terrorists. Nothing like a strong hand to ensure justice and peace remains, is there?

October 28th 1997 What a mess! Our Leader at odds with his own self appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown. Leeks suggested that Britain would soon join the single currency.; the end of the Pound. After the leek generated a loud negative response from the press, Blair comes out to say it was all an error! Someone is pulling strings to see which songs get liked! That insidious lefty behavior again. Will the Pound be saved or scrapped - will someone in Our Peoples Party please speak up. For some strange reason I thought Labour was elected because they had all the answers - more than the Tories who tore themselves apart on just this issue.

More on the insidious anti-monarchy process that Our Leader is secretly architecting: This is how it goes:
   Stage One: Put the throne in a difficult or embarrassing position. Try identifying Labour with the "People's Princess", or use the Queen to announce a dangerous change in foreign policy over Kashmir, which hurts our relations with India while winning some votes in a few marginal constituencies.
   Stage Two: Watch the fun for a few days, as the Queen is subjected to nasty public attacks, hostile opinion polls and the usual chorus of snide commentators suggesting that she is out of touch and fuddy-duddy, and really ought to be thinking about retirement.
   State Three: Having lowered Her Majesty into a tub of slime and left her there to struggle, slowly winch her out and leak stories about how your skilled spin doctors are coming to the aid of Buckingham Palace, which of course cannot cope on its own. Then take advantage of the monarchy's decency, fairness and restraint, which prevents the Queen or her aides from complaining about the shabby treatment you have inflicted on them.

If the Prime Minister and his pals do this often enough over the next few years, the dignity and authority of the crown will grow fainter and more threadbare. And, by the time Tony is finally ready to leave Downing Street, guess who will be ready to take the job of first People's President?

Just to prove that the Labour Government has no brains or experience - and more deceitfully, is deliberately orchestrating the embarrassment of the Monarchy, you have only to look at this weeks Indian debacle. The Queen was left standing at the airport in India with her officials arguing with Indian officials. Robin Cook (the sleazy sex with secretary/divorce but got away with it) Foreign Secretary, deliberately misinformed the Queens advisors in order to ever so gently 'set her up'. An insidious process is under way. This would never have happened under Thatcher. But of course, Thatcher is out of date - according to Our Leader.

A British scientist has won the Nobel Chemistry Prize for his work on enzymes which control large parts of the human body and its health: John Walker, of the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology at Cambridge, shared the prize with Jens Skou, of the Aarhus University of Denmark.

And after last weeks comments about President Clinton shaking the hands of the devil (Gerry Adams in disguise) so too did Our Leader, Tony Blair. In a vain hope to convince the public that Blair is different, the IRA are to be admitted to the peace table while still in charge of their weapons. Someone's cookoo clock must have stopped! We were all kids once - and we all remember playing and fighting in the school playground. The bully with the weapon was always the hardest to negotiate with. Yet these kids seem to forget this is a more dangerous playground.

October 20th 1997 Have you seen the photo of President Clinton hand-shaking Gerry Adams? This ghouling picture shows how bankrupt US politics is when the President of the United States, the land of the free and most powerful nation, formally shakes the hand of a known accomplice to murder. Gerry Adams is the mouthpiece of the Provisional IRA - and is a master of staged politics. The US has, over the years, been hood-winked by the IRA machine and many people here feel "sorry" for the IRA as they are "beaten down by the British". Even movies in Hollywood make IRA membership a romantic notion.

And a 300 year old maritime tradition ends at the hands of the modernists. The Labour Government has orchestrated the peoples mood to accept the elimination of the Royal Yacht, Britannia. Scrapping or renting out to business is her future. More embarrassingly for the monarch, Blair will build more ships that can be rented by the Queen when she needs to represent our nation abroad. A sad time. If only the people would stand up.

October 18th 1997 Some interesting quotes from Our Leaders speech at the recent Labour Party Conference: "Britain should become a beacon to the world"; "one of the greatest reforming governments of British history". All the facts point to Britain's halted post war economic decline - thanks not to Blair but to Thatcher. All the facts point to a more flexible labour force and lower labour charges and costs of production - thanks not to Blair but to Thatcher. All the facts point to a more nimble, competitive industry - thanks not to Blair but to Thatcher. I suspect that after this "greatest of reforms" we will have a different story. And why people in glass houses are indeed encouraged to throw stones I am not sure. Why so Christian, moral and true when your Foreign Secretary has sex in the back room with the lights out and leaves his wife only before the press finds out when Tories are hounded from office for doing the same? This government is making a mockery of honesty and truth. We shall have to endure 4 years of pressure before a new Thatcher claims the rightful place from this charlatan. And some of his so called friends cannot wait until all is secured: Apparently Ken Livingstone is to stand for Mayor of London. This new move is to help replace (as best possible) the GLC - the lefty group of reds that wasted millions of pounds in quack groups such as Lesbian Housing and Gay rights classes in schools. The GLC were responsible for the hiring of taxis to deliver hundreds of redundancy notices. Intersting move, Ken. And Ipswich Town beat Manchester United 2-0 in the Coca-Cola Cup.

October 10th 1997 The most telling of truths: Looking on at Tony Blair at the recent Labour Party conference in Brighton, Ken Jackson of the engineering union AEEU, ruefully observed: "It is like seeing your son or daughter on the high street dressed in a trendy new tracksuit and not wanting to know you any more." How true - yet how long before the rest of Britain wakes up from it's stupor. And also in this weeks news - Gordon Brown - that sparkling Chancellor who is on the warpath to "full employment for the 21st century". Clearly, this is not the definition of 'full employment' as seen from the heady Beveridge days - more the same words but in a different tune. More "root and branch" reform of the economy. More lefty fiddling.....I can't wait for business to wake up also....Maybe they won't though. And just to prove that the Labour Party scam over Europe and the Tories - Gordon Brown will soon ask Briton's to "scrap the pound" in the name of patriotism. It looks like Labour now faces the same damaging decision that Thatcher had the balls to answer and every politician since has failed to. Single currency - are we in or out. Labour will also pull itself apart. It was a fallacy to vote for them in the belief that they have a better answer than the Conservative Party. But in a lighter note - Europe beat the US in the Ryder Cup - great news if you like golf.

October 1st 1997 The Queen comes clean! After all the negative press about how she was against Diana and a more complete funeral - we find out from the Queen herself that she is still very much in control thank you very much! She ensured the right level, form and execution of funeral; Prince Charles or, more deceitfully, Our Leader Tony Blair, had little sway on how the Queen wanted to organise a fitting farewell to Diana. So easy it is for the left to convince the public that Blair is in fact so "in touch" with what is going on.....so easy and yet so said that the Queen of England has to actually be forced herself to straighten out the books. I think Blair ought to review what he is (a mortal like the rest of us) and remember who put him there.

And now, Our Leader's Treasury is to propose two new Peoples Flagships to replace the aging royal yaught, Britannia. The Queen does not share ships with people - or we will continue the degrading of the monarchy that our Leader has already initiated. Soon she will have to share the Palace, and then bedrooms....Blair is playing with fire because the years of leftish bahaviour has transformed Britain into a paralysed public. No one stands up for honest and truth. Certainly not Our Leader and his People's Treasury.

And this week, the Welsh people narrowly voted "yes" to their own self assembly. And Blair is quoted to have said with respect to the vote and devolution that "scares about it are wrong and this is nothing to do with taking Wales out of the United Kingdom". Why is it that he says this? Is he thick? How can a move so clearly designed to drive a real wedge between two nations be also designed to strengthen the bond between then? The Nationalist see a doorway and they will plough straight through. Why Blair does not see this is unclear. Perhaps those that remember the dead bodies in the streets in the 1970's also remember how desperate the Left was for power. To garner votes, they ended up promising much and to all. So these are natural results. However, the undoing of the United Kingdom is perhaps the price we shall pay for this desperation.

September 24th 1997 So it is with great interst that Barbara Castle is again speaking out! For those of you who missed this momentous occasion, aged Barbara Castle wrote for the Express last week. Of course, as a senior citizen (if that word is permitted) she spoke of the reasons why we should up the "allowance" for the elderly and retired among our number. Isn't it funny how our age alters our perspective on who should get what. Mrs (or is it Miss, or Ms, or should I care anyway?) Castle does not care to detail who will pay for a better off elderly and retired population. Neither does Mrs Castle care. She is for points and bonus points too boot. Who would ever lose points for saying that those who are "less well off" should be better off? Any person with a brain, and many without, will get points over the long hall, for saying that the elderly should be better looked after. I still think it is funny that Ms Castle wrote for the Express. A little less than 5 years ago no right minded person would have given a damn for her ministrations. Now she is "back". I can't wait for the call on expanding divorce and abortion access to the populace - for that is where Miss Castle makes her mark - along with David Steel....

Quote of the Week: "Choosing two cars is a symptom of failure of the public transport system, not a symbol of prosperity," John Prescott, Deputy Prime Minister.

On Scotlands historic vote: "The people have seized the moment. Scotland can look forward to a new beginning for a new millenium," said Mr Donald Dewar, the favourite to become Scotland's "First Minister". But nationalists were celebrating a different victory, claiming the Edinburgh Parliament was not an end, but a step towards full independence. SNP leader Alex Slamond said he was confident that eventual seperation was around the corner. "If the Scots can demonstrate success in running some of their own affairs, it is likely to whet their appetite to run all their affairs," he said. But Mr. Blair, Our Leader, insisted that the impact of the result was "to anchor Scotland very firmly inside the UK". If ever there was an example of the Peter Principle, this is it. How can a certain vote be an excuse for a break up and at the same time be a reason to stay together. Someone, and it's clear to the reader with a brain, has a problem here - and is kidding himself.....

September 17th 1997 "The Union and it's Parliament is under threat as rarely before. We may have a people's lottery. What we need is a people's Parliament, so that this Government does not make a lottery of our liberties." - John Redwood, Daily Telegraph, September 1997 - full story here! This has to be read to be understood. What is so sad is that so few people understand the magnitude of what is happening in the name of modernisation and New Labour. Our very nation is under attack like no war in the last 150 years - and yet it is our very own people who carry the weapons of destruction in Whitehall!

September 15th 1997 This is another 'classic' from the Daily Telegraph: Minette Martin wrote regarding the political fall out from Princess Diana's death: "The outright winner was, of course, Tony Blair. With broken voice and trembling lips, his performance was so hammy that it was, almost, funny; but what is not funny is that this overblown emotional display did him enormous amount of good politically. He was, consciously or not, exploiting the powerful emotions that surround the image of Diana, and also her own well-known insistence on the importance of expressing emotions, to recommend himself. I hate and fear this kind of manipulation, most of all when it is instinctive, as I believe it is with Mr. Blair. In expressing these feelings, in raising the emotional stakes in this way, he was effectively laying claim to her; and in calling her " the People's Princess" laying claim to the People as well." If you can afford to read the whole story, go here. If you are a brainwashed and egalitarian lefty - don't bother - 'cause you won't agree and you will call this all rubbish. Each to his own, I guess, but I wish the "own" would not suppose to represent all of the "people" all of the time.

September 13th 1997 Maverick Sports Minister Tony Banks has been overruled yet again after urging a ban on the national anthem and union flag at football (soccer) matches. Mr. Banks, who is no stranger to controversy, said sport became an "extension of war" when national flags were carried into sports stadiums and a ban would quell nationalistic fervour. "I don't think you should have the playing of national anthems before football matches," he said. "Why stir people up? I think you should glory in the sport, not the nationalism behind the sport." A Tory spokesperson said: "This is polically correct claptrap. No other country in Europe would consider droping its national anthem and flag." Banks added that the flag may represent disrespect to other nations during big games. What utter madness. This is the looney left quietly digging away at our culture - soon enough there will be few people who will argue with these people and before you know it - we shall all be weakminded, poor individuals. Each and every week the left digs to see which parts of the 'system' will crack. Over time, great damage will come of this. The sad thing is that already too many people do not see what is happening - and in fact are aligned against the "right" things to do. In the US, all cultures stand before a sports event to sign the national anthem. Hats are removed during this time as a mark of respect. It is heartwarming to see the United States still beleives in itself and has not given way to total political correctness - or, put another way, totally looney left.

So Hugo Boss's company was saved by the business generated by the Third Reich? Of course, most German businesses that are old enough and still in business today were impaced by the Second World War. But when one reads that certain business people volunteered to join the Nazi Party in 1932 - before any real excuse of "nation blindness" I think one ought to review the persuasions of the individuals concerned.

Want some jokes: How does an Essex girl turn the light on after sex? She opens the car door. Why does an Essex girl where panties? To keep her ankles warm. What does an Essex girl say when she wakes up? "Do you all play for the same soccer team?" Ho do Essex girls avoid headaches? They buy padded dashboards.....

September 10th 1997 The US has affored Jerry Adams a special VISA to enter the US to continue his fund driving campaign. What price political points in the poles? How can the US permit such trechary and bloodshed? The US Governement and people in general should expell Adams and his kind from the clean US soil and eliminate the IRA's lifeline of funds and weapons. How can Mrs. Albright on the one hand decry terrorism and on the other support Adams in this way?

The (British) Government is to launch a new initiative which, it hopes, will create a "pathway" for the "underclass" to take them into work and improve their quality of life. The Minitster without Portfolio, Peter Mendleson, has indicated that the new Social Exclusion Unit will be charged with formulating strategies aimed at reducing social innequality. So socialism is again on the Agend - but now it goes by a newer name. When anyone denies the very fact that there is always a pecking order, that there will always be a "those that have" and a "those that have not", they are denying the vary cornerstone of economic theory. No one likes poverty - and we should always strive to create productive environments to minimise it - but to actively try to move resources subjectively (Government medling in the economy) you get a more innefficient system - exactly that F.A.Hayek and later M.Thatcher fought against. When will the British people learn? New Labour is bereft of ideas. There is nothing new that the Labour has thought up that the Red Squirel of England thought up - and they are virtually extinct. If Labour is Socialist, they are extinct. If Labour is right wing, they are Tory. When willl Tony admit it and stop trying to please the Secret Socialists among his army?

August 30 1997 Lady Diana dies in a car crash in Paris being chased by Press. New laws to follow grief no doubt. It's hard to describe a nation that still secretly craves and loves the Monarchy in it's grief.
August 28 1997 "Blair to break hospital pledge". So, Our Leader has reported that due to 18 years of Tory mismanagement, we are running out of hospital beds for the sick and elderly. So what is the problem? This is exactly what the problem was before Labour took over! Nothing has changed. The issue is that the Conservatives reduced waste and cut back investment as a means to identify waste - New Labour simply blames the last Government for all the problems it finds. Nothing new about that, is there Tony?

And already, after less than 100 days in office, there is talk of a reshuffle. Looks like Blair has satisfied the ego's of some short term looking politicians and now he is to dump them and praise other Red's to keep the choir quiet.... Interesting move Tony.

And then there was this story about a Vicar who banned a Mother's Union group from his church over an article on homosexuality - written by the mother of gay man. The Reverand Ted Pratt claimed his actions were "totally appropriate" and said that young people should not be encouraged to "indulge in homosexual genital practice". The Reverand Richard Kirker, of the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement, described the vicar as a "very bigoted man". The mother had written that: "I had learned it was impossible to make someone gay, or to 'unmake' a gay person, and if that sexual orientation was so natural a part of that person there could be no stigma." Reverand Kirker added, "We deplore Mr. Pratt's prejudice. He is a throwback to an era which represents values that are rapidly becoming discredited."

This is a fascinating story. However, Rev. Kirker's remarks are so revealing of a world gone nuts! We have come full circle. Those very values that are supposedly out dated are the ones that ensure that humanity continues to move forward. Reverand Kirker does not realize - indeed he has been brainwashed by the modernizers and political 'correctioners' that "gay is good" and perhaps should be "tried out". I know this may seem basic - but do many other species in the animal kingdom promote gay rights over normal practices? And notice I said "normal" practice. Gay is not normal - if we were gay we would not be here! Don't these people recognize this? These are the same people that say the following:

   Drugs should be legalized
   Corporate punishment in schools should be banned
   The death penalty should never be reinstated
   Abortion should be available to all
   Divorcing each other should be real easy
   History is irrelevant in basic school education
   Winning and victory should be minimized
   Glue sniffing should be legalized
   Living together before marriage is good
   We should educate (sell?) homosexual behavior to children

And this is to name a few stupid ideas to influence mankind ever since the modernizers took over. Now we are "bigoted" if we stand for what once, and intuitively to anyone with a real brain, was "normal". However, even this message will be scorned upon because our evil system now ensures that Reverand Kirker's point of view is very probably the majority. We are doomed and we do not even know it!

And Government has decided that parents will not be automatically told when convicted paedophiles move into their area. No I am not really one to hold a grudge - and others will suggest that after their sentence, a prisoner has paid their debt - but ask yourself, ASK YOURSELF! Assuming you cherish the sanctity of life (and of course not all the readers of this page still do - because this is old fashioned and part of a bygone era!) how would you feel if you knew a paedophile may be watching your child walk home from school - every day? I know this is wrong to say parents should know - but how else should we emphasize family? This news will simply force the family ever inward and ensure there is even less need to know your neighbours. Another looney left message gets dressed up as good policy. And the critics of this note (however brainwashed) will simply deny that this is looney left. Clearly this is just good politics!

There was also a story last week about a news paper reporter talking about a visit to a local Newsagent - whereby she accidently bumped in to a pensioner. The pensioner immediately threw the reporter back with some expletives and some near threatening physical abuse. None actually took place. The point of the story was that these elderly people should be tamed and told not to behave badly. Honestly - I ask you! The only BLOODY reason these poor old people now react (sometimes) like this is because they have been abused by yobs for the last 15 years that this is a natural consequence! This is not the fault of the elderly - not is it the fault of "18 years of Tory leadership". It is the fault of the comprehensive schooling system that has ripped out the brains of our 30 to 40 years olds who now are generally the worst output of our educational system - myself included - but for the fact I bucked the trend (or as my leftish friends will suggest, was brainwashed). Little old ladies were not born to argue when you bumped into them. Most of them were bought up in a time when politeness was the rule. Ever since I was 10 I have rarely seem demonstrated politeness ruthlessly in a public place. Mostly it is loud, rude, abusive and destructive. Let's hear it for people.

Oh, and by the way - Robin Cook holds high office and is required to represent our Country on the world's stage. Why is that New Labour hounded from office Conservative members for the same weaknesses in a similar positions, and yet desires to keep Cook on board. Surely it is only a matter of time before he goes and some Lefties get this sorted out. Surely someone in the Party machine can put 2 and 2 together to make 4....Because he is an elected public figure holding high office, Robin Cook's profile, inevitably, will be coloured by this "tragedy", as Mr. Blair puts it (as though it were an act of God, like a flood or illness, rather than the consequence of a deliberate, personal choice). This certainly is a reflection on his character because all our actions describe our characters.

And of course (why "of course" I hear you squeal!) interested rates went up for the forth time as many months. Blame it on the Tories.

While living together before marriage was almost unheard of in the late 1960's, it is now the norm. In 1966 only 1 in 25 couples had lived together before they got married. Now, almost 7 in every 10 couples live together before marrying for the first time. The figures, from the Office for National Statistics, also showed that first-time weddings have plummeted by 48 per-cent since 1970, to 201,000 in 1994. Who said we weren't a happy nation?

Another interesting fact that is undermining our (brainwashed) view of family values. The growth in the female working population is resulting in more women marrying later in life. We already know this. But recently there has been a growth in young woman getting sterilized in order to "remove a great burden". Is it sexist to state that it is our physiological role to procreate and ensure the human race continues? Are we encouraging our woman to give up on humanity and create a whole lifestyle dedicated at self-gratification to the detriment of long term survival? Is this wrong? Should we "OK" sterilization? I think man (the non-sexist, generic version of the word) has gone completely nuts. At every turn we are reaping the results of the storm we launched in the 1950's and 1960's. I think a pandemic or comet collision may be a better alternative than stupid, irreconcilable, modern, and politically correct trends.

And another thing. I know this is the time of plenty and the consumer age - thanks, no less, to 18 years of Tory rule, but when the very people who made all this possible are in need of some basic, relatively inexpensive, support, why is it that we bulk and shy away for it? The very people that gave their lives and risked all to ensure we stayed on the winning side of World War II are old and weary. They have seen a world of polite conversation, Gentlemanly conduct and ladies who acted as ladies dissolve and die. Today they see youths beating up policemen (policepeople), old people beating up new paper reporters, glue sniffing, self-gratification on a world-wide scale - and we wonder why they think we are daft? Our retired war veterans need some help. I for one would pay more taxes for such a cause - but I certainly would not pay more taxed for lazy, inefficient public services. And I know how wasteful they are - how many lefties have actually used their money to run a business?

August 23 1997 So, Our Leader is trying to re-define politics "as we know it". By conning the public about a wonderful "love in", Tony Blair has invited leading politicians to join his Governments inner workings. Several Conservative and Social Democrats - including Paddy Ashdown, the Social Democrat Leader, now chair several "talk-tanks" . The move is quite cleary a fix. Any MP in Opposition would be a wally to turn down the opportunity to share the limelight - and every MP in Opposition that works within the Governement circles have to sign "collective responsibility" agreements - thus tying themselves to Government 'agreed' policies. A smart move to delay the groundswell of opinion that will surely follow in the coming months and years. In fact, the Conservatives one their FIRST By-Election in 8 years last week! Already Blair is trying too hard to please everybody. However, not all are happy. Tony Benn (that hardiest Red from the ranks) and Roy Hattersley (the missing link between Old and New Labour) are complaining that Blair is dumping "all that is right and proper" Red politics. Since Our Leader had to "give up" the fight for equality for the tax base to get elected by the mass mid-market (middle class), the true Red-like members who crave for socialist policy are speaking out. How long until the unions try to test Our Leaders mettle?

On another front, some fun here - something anonymous to do with how cats look after us humans....

August 3 1997 So, I bet Robin Cook will not be resigning! Robin Cook, the so heralded 'Foreign Secretary', apparently left his wife of 28 years for a 41 year old political aid. Funny how he beat the dirty press reports to the punch. If this had been a Tory, he would have held on for grim death in favour of avoiding the press - and then later get caught out, and be forced from office. In this case, because we are talking NEW LABOUR, no one has to leave. Funny that. But that is not all - there was a news report that Cair Short (of all demons - Ooops - people) was having an affair. I guess they don't call this 'sleeze' until you have been in office for 18 years. That's all right then, I guess.....

July 29 1997 So, a lowering of the age of consent for gays from 18 to 16 was signalled by Our Leader's Government. At the same time, Britain's teenagers were sent another controversial message as Tony Blair pledged to back moves to outlaw cigarette sales to under-18s. What is going on here? Doesn't this mixed message point towards political correctness and muddled thinking? So it will OK to be a homosexual at 16 but have to wait 2 more years before you buy a cigarette. Tory MP Julian Lewis said "It is plainly more politically correct to engage in homosexual sex than it is to smoke a cigarette. But to not think too lowly of Our Leader. The reason why the homosexual age of consent may fall is so that UK law falls in line European law. Some bright spark stood up and said that Britain's outdated age of consent was a strike at human rights. I still haven't figured out how homosexual behaviour has anything to do with "human" rights. If we were to practice homosexual behaviour, we should not be here. Maybe I am just out of touch - or perhaps a fuddy-duddy. Maybe we should be homosexuals and keep all the 'dicks' happy - pun intended. What is ironic is that this story broke on the same day that Dr. George Carey, the Archbishop of Canterbury, said practising gay clergy have no place in the Church. "To us is given particular responsibility for the Church's faith and moral life," he said. Good for him! I thought the Clergy had gone too far to the left in recent years - I guess they are seeing more sense.

An unrepeatable event took place last week. Four thousand couples, who have been married for 50 years, attended a garden party given by the Queen and Prince Philip to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. Unrepeatable, because it will never happen again in our lifetime that a British monarch celebrates 50 years of marriage. It may never happen again, as marriage has changed from a commitment to an existentialist contract - you make up your mind each day how you wish to reinvent yourself. No one ever said marriage was easy. I don't imagine that each and every couple have been blissfully content at all times; I bet there have been plenty of rows, china plates thrown across the room, and the like. Each of those 40,000 could unfold a tale or two of the struggle to keep the show on the road and the maddening irritation that arises from the simple fact that you cannot follow your win sweet will 24 hours a day in holy wedlock. Luck, personality, family background and whole lot more plat their part in a successful marriage. So does a sense of history: the knowledge that how you live your life is not just a daily passing experience (the existentialist view), but that it is forming a deposit for future generations who will recall you as their parents, grandparents, great-aunts and uncles, part of the family constellation. And there is something else which assisted those who have stayed married: simply that society supported marriage and family life. It doesn't any more. Sometimes, society 's support entailed a cruel stigma against those who transgressed. Divorcees were excluded from many activities, such as the Royal Enclosure at Ascot until 1966. Sometimes, it meant that people had no choice but to stay married, since leaving marital home meant financial as well as social ruin. Today, we have gone to the other extreme and we give marriage virtually no support. Marriage and cohabitation are practically regarded as the same. There are few social rewards for staying married and few social penalties for abandoning a spouse. British Rail, British Airways, holiday hotels and the rest of commercial life regard "partners" as being the same as spouses, indicating their moral neutrality towards those who are married and those who are living together for a week, a month, a year. The words husband and wife are disappearing in common discourse. And taxation and welfare, if anything, disfavour marriage. Gaze on these golden couples if you know any of them, for you will not see many of their like again.

Don't you think it is odd how appeasement comes and goes. I remember when (from the History tapes, of course) when "appeasement" included losing countries. Now, appeasement operates throughout the business world. I guess it has to do with the basic conflict between 'leadership' and 'management'. In my book, and there isn't one yet, leadership is 'the vision thing'. Leadership is drive; stamina; direction; pushing; cajoling; making it happen; large steps; revolution. Managing is coordination; working together; status-quo taking small steps; incremental change; evolution; mutual concent; majority voting; appeasement. Leadership is infinitely harder - you are disliked most of the time for who you are - but kept in the role because no one else wants to take the hard decisions. Management is also hard - but on a different scale. Management is all about team building - and all leaders need managers around to keep the troops in line and focused. A great leader may cover for poor management, but a great manager cannot cover for poor leadership. Managers do not make good strategic decision makers - and leaders do not make good operational decisions. And, most depressing of all, most companies these days struggle to find good managers - and have probably given up looking for the right 'leader'. Of course, someone is in the role. But that is all I can say on that point.

And it's good news to hear that you can still have a good vacation in Weston SuperMare. Some extension of the White Household spent a vacation in (sometimes) sunny then cold and windy Weston. Photo's coming to Delboy soon! Love to all.

July 16th 1997 U-Turns all round! Trendy teaching methods which blighted the schooling of generations are to be buried. David Blunket, New Labour Education Minister, adopted a 'true blue' stance and attacked the very same comprehensive schooling system that his colour forced upon Britain in the 1960's. Some would say that the comprehensive schooling system was a key driver in the successful brainwashing of millions of people. Remember Shirley Williams? People like her remind be of Clair Short, Harriet Harmen, and Majorie Mowlam - people in power with underlying and hidden objectives to subvert the normal, human, social and values that Hayek and Friedman professes. These people are socialist by nature and yet make a living talking about a great sharing of the spoils of work. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, the comprehensive system. It is this cranky, fiddling and meddling system that removed 'streaming' from the school system; that tried to remove competition as a negative impact on poor performers; and washed over success and fast track kids with a brain. The trendy left is now under attack from the trendier left in sheep's cloths. Blunket is introducing: end of mixed ability teaching to be replaced with settings according to ability; cash for results (a Tory policy); zero-tolerance for failing schools (a Tory policy); speedier procedures to sack incompetent teachers (a Tory Policy). This last one is fascinating. Every time the Tory's talked about getting rid of crap teachers - and there are a few - I knew one or two - the NUT (National Union of Teachers) would call it "meddling" and Labour would do everything to stop it. So two-faced! The good news is that we again have a normal school system. The bad news it has taken us 40 years to realize the damage we have done. Oh for the days of tinkering with the social system. Bring back Shirley Williams and Jeremy Thorpe! But let us turn to Health. Labour, it would seem, are to build 14 new hospitals and scrap the "crass Tory plans" to maintain others". Is this more crap or a sincere move to worry about people? In fact its neither - it's a fix! "While in opposition, they [Labour] criticized (the scheme) and falsely accused the Government of attempting to back-door privatisation of the National Health Service. " said Shadow Health Secretary. It will take a real person to admit that New Labour is in fact Old Tory - just tidied up a bit! Now let's turn to the recent con (sorry, I mean Budget). Gordon Brown's very nasty Budget was designed to look good on the day. Because of that, people will probably resent it more when they find out what it really meant. The whole idea of bribing employers to take on young people is GCSE grade D economics, and will end up creating extra misery. Business were hiring young people in their hundreds of thousands until this Government turned up. Now they will not be able to afford to. Why? Because all their bills will rise, thanks to higher charges from privatised utilities to pay for the windfall tax, and higher taxes from local councils who must pay the bill for Mr. Brown's raid on pension funds. Not to mention the savage increases in interest rates which Mr. Brown wants the Bank of England to impose. Perhaps worst of all is the scheme to dragoon single mothers into paid work. Our schools are a shambles partly because most children are dumped in nurseries by their wageslave mothers and never learn how to behave. At least single mothers were spared this relentless pressure to abandon their young and go to make money. Now they will all probably end up toiling in state nurseries, looking after children of people slightly better off than they are. Mr. Brown has confirmed what I always feared: "helping the family" means that the state takes over childcare. We privatise the railways and nationalise childhood. Ugh. Other Budget hits: people who save in company or private pension schemes lose out - about 10 pounds per 100 pounds sterling saved; overall tax burden has risen on British business substantially - despite headline grabbing worlds-first corporation tax cut by a Labour Government; axing of private medial insurance for the over 60's; increase if stamp duty (aimed at high valued homes; and reduction in mortgage interest relief - adding about 10 pounds a month to the average mortgage payer.

July 14th 1997 Another interesting story hit the papers last week. It's about a married couple who were convicted as paedophiles. After they were released from prison, they returned home. Neighbours spurned them and made life a "living hell" - they had to move. In fact, they had to move three times. Each time they moved, apparently the Police would advise neighbours of the couples history - and nature would take it's course. I am not quite sure why people think this is unnatural. Who cares that they have executed the necessary punishment or their crime. If they have been proven to be dangerous with children, would you like them living next door? Sure - I sounds wrong to "have a go" but people are people - when are we going to stop writing laws to try to change this? Jack Straw, New Labour, gave a pre-election pledge (one of many by many) to remove the ban of homosexuals and lesbians in Britiain's armed forces. Agreeing with the principle is one thing, but the point is this is another example of vote-grabbing headlines turning to dust. And for those of you who know or care, Charlie Chester dies in a Home for Entertainers in London this last week. He was 83. His first broadcast was for the BBC in 1937. Born as Cecil Henty, he received and MBE in 1991 - and was known for the show "Stand Easy" on BBC radio's old Home Service. Also this week, Robert Mitchum and James Stewart (you know them alright) also passed away. A very big year already! And of course, July 1, 1997 - 156 years of British Rule comes to an end. Perhaps a tear should be dropped for the end of "empire" as so many papers suggest. I hope you all got the chance to read about the transfer of power. This is a great advert for what is good about Britain. I wish more world attention had been paid to it!

July 13th 1997 Blair does U-turn on pensions. It's only 3 months since victory and already a U-turn! It would seem that instructions from the top mean that New Labor reviews Old Tory plans for private pensions. Nothing special about that really - 90% of so called "left" policies are in fact re-worked "right" wing policies or dropped failures: council house re-purchases; nuclear disarmament; nationalised industries and so on! And a 14-year old New Zealander won a math's competition after analysing all the original Noddy books to dispel "political correct" re-writes of the old classic. It would seem Noddy was not a racist, sexist, bigot or bully! Enid Blyton's Golliwogs were hardly villains. Noddy's friend Tessie Bear was full of initiative, contrary to allegations that she failed to provide an assertive female role model. And the "masochistic" Milkman only hit Noddy three times in 23 books! Concerns that words and attitudes in some of the classic books might offend modern sensitivities encouraged publishers to review the characters in 1992 before a television series was made. But, asked if the Golliwogs were naughty, Tom said: "No, they weren't. I found that of all the villains in Noddy, only six per cent of them were Golliwogs." And talking of another Golliwog - Gordon Brown's budget seems to hit "low income families most" - and that from the Council of Mortgage Lenders. You pays your money......

July 10th 1997 Well well well, Did you have a good week? Even more stranger things seem to be occurring in the Old World. For a People's Part so engrossed with worrying about the "People", our new leader seems to be accepting all the trappings of a capitalist leader! News was afoot last week that when his wife traveled to the US, she (sorry, the people) paid $3,000 to take her hairdresser with her. No I have nothing against a good blow-dry, but honestly! I thought we had problems such as starving people on the street and poor and distressed lone-mums! Now we have expensive blow-dry's for Our Leader's Lady and lone-mums become rich overnight. I forgot to say - that was the other story reported: a lone mum sold a story (a small book actually) to a US publisher for $150,000 and immediately took herself of the Social Security takers list. A model mum to us all - and totally as a result of Our Leader's influence. And by the way, if Our Leader's influence reached into the world of sport - I am sure Damon Hill would win the British Grand Prix on Sunday. Perhaps he will be sleeping at the time and not be aware of the potential good he can do simply by wishing it so.

July 7th 1997 The best news I heard all day was that the producers of Duke Nukem gave up the ghost. I mean to say that they have contracted to use the Quake engine from id Software to develop the newest Duke sequel. This means that Duke becomes a Quake clone. Quake is King! id Software is King! Of course, Raven Software already knew this because they contracted to develop Hexen II with the Quake engine some time ago; it took a proud man at GT Interactive to admit defeat - after the last 12 months of hot air. Anyway - anyone with the faith will testify, id Software is King! Where id Software go, all other surely follow. And of course, games software drive PC requirements, and Microsoft follow with bigger and better applications to use those PCs. And have you seen Microsoft Windows 97 (or is it 98?) yet? The beta shipped several months ago now and it sure looks cool.. The desktop will consist of a browser "look and feel" except for the applications, which will take on the "Outlook" look and feel. Cool stuff. Stay tuned. Oh, and by the way - there are some new links on the Links page - try them out!

July 5th 1997 So, the US celebrate 5th of July and Hingis wins Wimbledon! But you already know this. What gets me is that Tony (Leader) Blair, after his first Peoples Budget, has decided to eliminate the traditional 'Red Book' and go for a Peoples White Paper. What is the point? And have you heard about the Royal Opera House? Our Leader has said he wants to rename to the Peoples Opera House! Is this not an example of social engineering? I thought Labour got themselves elected on the principle that Britain needed serious help - not detailed fiddling! One level, this stuff is silly. On another level - one which recognizes what socialists can do, this is evil - but everyone will decry this point of view. To those f you, I say you are a product of the social engineering managed by the Comprehensive schooling system. I expect the same people who disagree with this probably don't think too much about the roots of CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament), Shirley Williams, the GLC (remember that nest of vipers), Ken Livingstone and so on. Some of us left remember....some of us deny....and of course, Hong Kong was 'given' back to China - the end of Empire - are just evolution - or both?

June30th 1997 Into humour? Want a screamer! Download this zipped PowerPoint4 or PowerPoint7 file and after unzipping, in View Mode, review Mad Cow disease; also Danger Zone! finish 3rd in Division for Spring 1997 Season

June 28th 1997 Union power set to return to the UK? Union membership peaked in 1979 (Thatcher's election year) at 13.2m or 58% of the workforce; today membership has plunged to 7.2m or 31% of the workforce. The UK's elimination of national pay bargaining, refusal to accept the Social Chapter and associated minimum wage, are reasons why Britain's share of world trade is up and economic growth is eyed jealously by the other European economies. If Labour now accepts the social chapter and upholds their manifesto pledge to create a legal right for all workers to be represented by a union, all may be undone. Why is it that forward thinking European leaders desire Britain's economic climate and are now wanting to eliminate wage cost items and yet New Labour seeks to go in the opposite direction?

June 25th 1997 France, tired of the stringent budgets and high unemployment that preparing for EMU (Economic Monetary Union) is said to entail, has sacked its government. However, the new government hot major problems immediately: As Lionel Jospin, the new Prime Minister, announced that the traditionally generous family allowances would be means-tested and withdrawn from any family with a monthly income above Ffr25,000 ($4,275), there was uproar. Hundreds of parents took to the streets of Paris. Basically France will struggle to make EMU happen. Italy is in a worse condition. No one wants to pay for EMU and yet everyone wants it. Simple, huh?

June 22nd 1997 In Germany, as in France, reconciling the present design for monetary union with political and financial reality has become impossible. If EMU is to go ahead, the treaty's budget rule will have to be abandoned; or, as one French Socialist put it, "developed".

June 20th 1997 Then of course there was the report that Britain is now seventh in the world rankings for economic standings. Quick work for our Leader or the results of 15 long years of hard effort. I will let you make the call. Also, Germany, crippled by record unemployment and saddled with rising wage demands, is now being deserted by foreign investors. Foreign investment has sunk to a record low, collapsing from Dm18.23 billion ($10.6bn) in 1995 to just Dm1.14bn last year. In real terms, pat rises in 1995 reached ten per cent in some sectors, which led financial experts to advise against investing in Germany. The tax burden on companies has also increased as the government has raised taxes to take account of the cost of integrating former East Germany. In a nutshell, the powerhouse of Europe is still in severe life-support. The requirements for the single currency, which Germany helped define, will not be met by Germany. To 'help' the numbers, Germany revalued their Gold reserves - the net profit was to be given to the government as a 'bonus' to help the bleeding cash outflow. And if you want more proof of the mess: Last year the US invested just Dm355m in Germany, while Germany invested Dm8.8bn on the other side of the Atlantic, indicating exactly where German investors and companies prefer to put their money.

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